The relentless pursuit of Performance

Digital Solutions. Sustainable improvements with massive potential.

Energy companies all over the world are relentlessly pursuing better performance, productivity, and cost efficiency. Digital solutions are the opportunities of our era, given their sustainability & massive upside potential.

With an exponentially increasing number of digital solutions to choose from, market intelligence and learning become crucial:

Market Intelligence: What solutions exist on the market? Which ones are best for my operations?
Learning: How are these solutions implemented? What are the benefits?

What is EnergyExpert?

A market intelligence and learning platform, exclusive to the Energy industry.

We support Energy companies to find digital solutions for their operations.

How does EnergyExpert work?

Users access EnergyExpert through a secure online portal, where they can directly search for and discover digital solutions suited to their operations.

Users can then access related learning such as videos, reports, and courses.

Let’s take an example in Oil & Gas: An operator with multiple offshore facilities wants to optimise manpower deployment. The operator’s teams can use EnergyExpert to explore all digital solutions related to offshore manpower deployment, such as remote equipment surveillance, digital twins, and rotation schedule optimisation. Teams can then learn more about these solutions through videos and reports, and even find training courses to attend.


EnergyExpert's online platform goes live in January 2020. We can't wait.

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