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Oil & Gas, Power, & Renewable Energy.
Covered end-to-end.

EnergyExpert supports energy teams to fulfil operational and business needs with digital solutions. Through global & regional research, we recommend the best-fit digital solutions for your needs.

Oil & Gas 

Upstream / E&P,  Midstream, Downstream & Refining, Petrochemicals, and LNG.

Example Solution Areas

Data Analytics & Modelling:
Asset Performance Management
Predictive Maintenance
Transportation & Distribution
Refinery Process Optimisation
Commodity Trading Optimisation
 Safety & Accident Prevention
Gas Processing Simulation

Automation, Machine Learning, & AI:
Well Location Optimisation
Well Integrity Monitoring
Field Development Optimisation
Seismic Data Interpretation
Drilling Optimisation

Real-time (RT) Data:
Remote Operations
Digital Twins
Well Sensor Networks
Production Parameter Optimisation

Robotics & Drones:
Aerial Surveying & Mapping
Asset Integrity Inspection
Pipeline Inspection

Power & Utilities

Power Generation, Transmission, Trade, Distribution, Retail, and Storage.

Example Solution Areas

Data Analytics & Modelling:

Outage & Shutdown Optimisation
Long-term Demand Analysis
Distribution Network Efficiency
Power Flows Optimisation
Generation Investment Planning
T&D Investment Planning
Electricity Price Modelling

Automation, Machine Learning, & AI:
Substation Automation
Short-term Load Forecasting
Customer Segmentation
Outage Management Systems

Real-time (RT) Data:
Power Flow Sensor Networks
Remote Parameter Control
Control Room Centralisation
Generation Optimisation

Robotics & Drones:
Powerline Inspection
Aerial Infrastructure Surveys

Renewable Energy

Generation (Solar, Wind, Hydro, Wave, Tidal, WTE, Geothermal), and Fuels.

Example Solution Areas

Data Analytics & Modelling:
Plant Performance Management
Meteorological Data Analysis
Generation Cost Forecasting
Plant Location Scouting
Wind Farm Development
WTG Design & Manufacturing
WTG Service Optimisation
Wind Farm Portfolio Cost Reduction

Automation, Machine Learning, & AI:
WTG Risk Detection
Renewable Output Forecasting
Process Automation

Real-time (RT) Data:
Plant & Infrastructure Surveillance
Plant/Farm Sensors & Control
Energy Trading

Data Visualisation:
Plant Design Optimisation

Robotics & Drones:
Solar Plant & Wind Farm Inspection

How does EnergyExpert work?


We study your specific requirements, challenges, or interests

Example: An Oil & Gas operator with multiple offshore facilities wishes to optimise the deployment of manpower to remote offshore locations.


Our industry experts scan global markets to find solutions that fit your needs

Example: Digital solutions related to offshore manpower deployment, e.g. remote surveillance, digital twins, & rotation optimisation are identified, as well as related learning (videos, reports, & training).


You access a customised intelligence portal! We also support you to screen vendors

Example: The operator's teams access their EnergyExpert portal to: discover & learn about solutions, contact vendors for enquiries, or use the insights for in-house innovation.
Knowledge is power!

ENERGYEXPERT FINDS solutions based on these technologies:

Data Analytics & Modelling
Automation, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Real-time (RT) Data, Data Visualisation, & Data Management
Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Robotics & Drones
Cloud Technology

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Digital Solutions to discover with EnergyExpert (individual products & services)


Learning options to explore on EnergyExpert (videos, courses, & more)

$ 1.2 Bn

Average annual revenue of EnergyExpert company users enrolled

EnergyExpert is designed for...


Oil & Gas: National & International Companies, Independent Operators, Service Companies, Refinery & Petrochemical Plant Operators, LNG Companies.

Power & Utilities: Power Generators, Network/Grid Operators, Traders, Marketers & Retailers, Aggregators & Service Providers.

Renewable Energy: Operators & Technology/Project Developers. Renewable Fuel Producers & Plant Operators.


Training & Learning Providers

Knowledge Houses

Research Institutes

Professional Associations


Specialised Course Providers

Certification Centres


Individuals who wish to:

Gain market intelligence on Digital Solutions within the Energy Industry.

Learn about Digital Solutions
that have Energy Industry applications.

Conduct research and benchmarking on Digital Solutions within the Energy Industry.

EnergyExpert is your source of knowledge

Market intelligence, 
for your operations

We gather intelligence on digital products & services from providers all across the value chain, to enrich & expand your technology portfolio. 

Learning content,
for your needs

We source learning content - online training, in-person courses, reports, data - & customise it based on your specific operational needs.


Thank you for your interest in EnergyExpert. We'll contact you shortly to get more details and arrange your trial. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone with any queries you may have: [email protected] (971) 56 398 7167


Thank you for your interest in EnergyExpert. We'll contact you shortly to get more details and arrange your trial. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone with any queries you may have: [email protected] (971) 56 398 7167